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Application Procedure for Foreign Teachers
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I. Job Title:

English Teacher,French Teacher,Czech Teacher,Korean Teacher

II. Qualifications

1. All the candidates must be native speakers.

2. MA/MS degree or BA/BS degree with at least two years teaching experience; MA/MS degree or BA/BS degreein Education, Literature or Linguistics; TESOL/TEFL certificate is preferred.

3. Age under 60 years oldwith good physical condition.

4. For teachers of minority languages, the conditions can be flexible.

III. Document List

1. Photocopy of Passport

2. Physical Examination

3. Resume (word format with signature)

4. Certificates of work experience offered by the former employers

5. Photocopy of the highest diploma which should be authenticated by China’s overseas Embassies and Consulates or your country’s notary organization. (PDF)

6. Non-criminal Record offered by your country.

7. Digital passport photo (JPG only)

8. Contact information (address,phone number and e-mail)

IV. Application and Arrival

1. The electronic files are required tosubmitted by e-mail.

2. An online interview will bearranged once the application is approved.

3. Sign the contract online.

4. Apply for your work visa withthe Working Permit Notification and Invitation Letter provided by the university.

5. Confirm the date of coming to China for the airport pickup.

6. Do the physical examination.

7. Sign the formal contract.

8. The rest procedures including the residence permit and insurance will be conducted by the university.

Contact: Mr. Wang Shaomi

International Education Exchange Centre, Hebei GEO University

136 Huai’an East Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei 050031, China

Tel: +86-311-87207020; +86-311-87208020; Fax: +86-311-87207567

E-mail: wsc_wang@163.com

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