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A Delegation of Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava Visits HGU
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On July 27th, a delegation of Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (short as University Suceava) from Romania, led by the Acting President Mr. Stefan Purici visited Hebei GEO University. President Wang Fengming and Vice-President Zhang Xiaoping met with them. During the visit, the two parties reached agreements on several issues: the two universities will sign a framework agreement on cooperation and exchange, and then start participating in the Erasmus Mundus Program sponsored by EU and other scientific cooperation. After the meeting, the delegation visited the Geo-Science Museum and the Financial Monetary Museum, obtaining a brief knowledge on HGU’s history and discipline.

University Suceava is the first Romanian university that visit HGU. This visit plays an important role in the expansion and development of our cooperation and exchange with the colleges and universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

University Suceava, the first higher education school in Suceava, was founded in 1963 as the Institute of Pedagogy. The institution had three faculties: Letters, Mathematics and Physics, and History and Geography.

In 1990, after officially given the university title by the Romanian government, the institution started to individualize throughout academic consolidation, didactic and scientific diversification, not least by getting better known nationally and internationally. In September 2008, the university was awarded with a High Confidence Rating by the executive bureau of ARACIS (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education). In 2009, the Ștefan cel Mare University was ranked fourth on a list created by the Kienbaum Management Consultants firm in cooperation with Capital financial magazine about the images universities have among employers.

The University now offers degree education, including bachelor degree (3-4 years), master degree (2 years) and PhD (3 years), in over 100 programs.

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