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The Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to China visits HGU
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The ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to China, Mr. Gen Charles Kayonga, and the Vice-Chancellor of University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB), Mr. Faustin Nyombayire, visited our university on September 27. President Wang Fengming, Vice-President Zhang Xiaoping and Vice-President Zhai Zhiqiang met with the delegation, and signed the MOU with UTAB.

After extending warm welcome to the delegation on behalf of HGU, Wang gave a brief introduction to the university and express the hope to cooperate with the universities of Rwanda. Mr. Faustin introduced UTAB. He believed that the MOU between HGU and UTAB will surely promote the academic research of the two universities, and achieve the win-win effect.

Mr. Kayonga said that 47 years have passed since the establishment of Sino-Rwanda ties, and after the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation of 2015, the relations have been upgraded to comprehensive strategic partnership, all these have pushed the ties between the two countries to a summit. He hoped that the cooperation between the two universities can help to deepen the education cooperation between the two countries.

In the afternoon, the ambassador gave a speech on the title of China-Africa/ Rwanda Cooperation and Exchange: Past, Present and Future. In the speech, he introduced the history of the diplomatic relations between China and Africa/ Rwanda from the aspects of industry, agriculture, infrastructure, public health and economy. He hoped that the young people can seize the opportunity and play a positive role in sustaining the relations between China and Rwanda, or even Africa.

During the visit, the ambassador also received the Rwandan students.

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