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Introducing High Art into Campus- China Philharmonic Orchestra Delights Hebei GEO University
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Introducing High Art into Campus, an program jointly held by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance, has a history of more than 10 years. On May 9th, this activity was held in Hebei GEO University. The artists from China Philharmonic Orchestra provided us with a rich audio-visual feast. Several hundreds of faculty and students, including the international students, enjoyed the performance.

Xia Xiaotang, conductor of this concert, is a permanent conductor of China Philharmonic Orchestra, the chief conductor of China Youth Symphony and a professor of Central Conservatory of Music.

The concert fell into four parts: film music, ballet music, folk music and opera music. During the concert, the artists also gave a introduction to the musical instruments on the stage in an easy-going and interesting way, which inspired the interest of the audiences. The concert ended in the performance of William Tell Overture. The concert was so impressive that the hall was filled by applause and loud cheering of the audience.

Thanks to the support of Hebei Education Department, our university has so far organized many activities of the program: Introducing High Art into Campus, providing a platform for our students to get in touch with high art and promote the cultivation of art.

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