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A Delegation of Eastern Kentucky University Visits HGU
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November 11, 2018, Dr. Thomas, Dean of College of Business and Technology of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) visited HGU. Liao Yibin, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Division, Miao Zehua, Dean of School of Business, Song shaoqing, Dean of School of Accounting, and Niu Jiangao, Secretary of School of Economics and Trade, had a meeting with the delegation.

During the meeting, the two parties introduced the history, disciplinary, students cultivation and international cooperation of the two universities; and had deep discussion on topics regarding to leadership meeting and communication, faculty and scholars exchange, and students cultivation. They have reached preliminary intention of cooperation on the exchange of students and faculty.

During the visit, the delegation also visited our Geo-science Museum and Monetary and Financial Museum.

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