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Pakistani Delegation of Education Visits HGU
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On July 27th, a delegation of education from Pakistan, led by Syed Hasan Javed, Director of China Studies Research Center and former deputy ambassador to China visited our university. The delegates also involve Dr. Adnan Ali, professor of University of Management and Technology, Mr. Amir Mushtag, Vice-President of Lahore Literati School, and Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Zafar, Chairman of Pakistan Culture and Education Committee. President Wang Fengming and Vice-President Zhang Xiaoping met with the delegation.

At the beginning of the meeting, President Wang Fengming extended warm welcome to the delegation, introduced the history of HGU and the recent development of our disciplinary construction and international cooperation. Then, Mr. Syed gave a comprehensive introduction to the society, economy and its point of growth, and the advantage of natural resources of Pakistan. By indicating the prospect of international cooperation and development of the two countries, he expressed the strong hope of building a platform for HGU and the colleges and universities, scientific institutions and enterprises of Pakistan. As an expert in jewelry and gem, Dr. Ali showed his hope to cooperate with our School of Gemology on exchange and talents cultivation. Mr. Amir was willing to recommend high school graduates from Pakistan to study or take tours in our university. Both sides agreed that there is a good foundation of political and economic exchange between China and Pakistan, so that the education institutions shall make more efforts and contributions to the ties of friendship.

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