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Faculties and Students of HGU Attends a reception of the Czech Year on Belt and Road 2017
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On August 23, a delegation of HGU, held by the vice president Zhang Xiaoping, attended a reception of the Czech Year on Belt and Road 2017 at invitation of the Czech Embassy to China. During the reception, Zhang Xiaoping met with Ms Klara Jurcova, Czech Republic Deputy Ambassador to China, and Mr Ou Yangxu, counsellor for education. Zhang Xiaoping showed them our cooperation with Technical University of Ostrava in the past two years. Mr Ou Yangxu immediately said that he will visit our university, presenting the culture and education of Czech Republic to the students and participating in the Third Conference on China and Czech Republic. The students of our university also communicated with the staff of Czech Embassy and consulted the relevant staff on the visa application issues.

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