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HGU Involves in the organization of the Conference on Nihewan Fauna and Quaternary Geology
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On August 4 and 5, 2017, the Conference on Nihewan Fauna and Quaternary Geology, jointly organized by HGU, the Geological History Committee of GSC and Geological Society of Hebei, was held in Yangyuan, Hebei Province. Over 40 representatives from relevant units took part in the conference. Ten faculties of our university participated in the conference, including Ji Qiang, HGU’s distinguished professor, Niu Shuyin, Director of the Institute of Nihewan Geological Environment and Wu Wensheng, Director of the Institute of Paleontology.

Prof. Pang Qiqing, prof. Niu Shuyin and prof. Niu Pingshan made presentations, respectively, showing our impressive scientific achievements in relevant fields. Reports made by our young lecturers Yan Yaling and He Yue represented the rich academic potentials of our young scholars.

During the conference, the view that replace Nihewan fauna by Nihewan biological group, proposed by prof. Ji Qiang was of academic height and was highly commended by the attending experts.

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