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The Delegation of the University of Central Lancashire Visits HGU
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On June 1sth, a delegation from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), headed by its Vice-president Mr. Tim Steele arrived at our university. President Wang Fengming met and spoke with the delegation. The directors of relevant departments, including School of Gemology and Material Technology, School of Art and Design, School of Information Engineering, School of Film and Television Art and International Education Exchange Center, also attended the meeting.

Wang warmly welcomed the delegation by recalling the profound friendship between the two sides, and spoke highly of UCLan’s forward-looking strategy of establishing creative industry bases and joint education programs in Shenzhen and Xiongan. After giving a brief introduction of HGU, he also expressed our strong will to enhance cooperation and communication with UCLan.

By presenting the history and international collaboration of UCLan, Mr. Steele said that they always cherish the coordination with China and pay close attention to the regional economic development of China, especially the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of Xiongan New Area. He also showed his will to tap their great potential for cooperation with HGU.

During the meeting, the two sides had deep discussion on issues, including film and television, art design, disaster prevention, faculty visiting and training and students exchange, giving a fresh impetus to the coordination and communication between the universities on teaching, research, faculty and students.

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