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International Students from HGU Visit Mount Cangyan
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On April 15th, the international students of our university went on an excursion to Mount Cangyan as a cultural experience activity.

Mount Cangyan, literally called‘Green Cliff Mountain’, isfamous for its combination of natural mountain scenery with historical man-made structures. The core site of the mountain, Fuqing Temple, with its profound cultural and historical background, provided us with rich teaching materials.

During this excursion, faculties from International Education Exchange Center acted as tourist guide, introduced the students with the local legends and history, such as the story of Princess Nanyang and Sandalwood Tree, and the building structure of the Tower Hall. While enjoying the majestic scenery, the students also impressed by the ancient architecture and history. They all said that this activity not only enriched their knowledge but also inspired their enthusiasm for Chinese learning.

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